Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, RiserTec's primary concerns have been with safety of its employees and customers. To combat these issues RiserTec remains fully operational via the use of remote working processes and increased safety measures during times where working within close proximity to others is required.

Deep Water Riser

RiserTec has been involved in the engineering and design of a new subsea system intended to harvest critical base metal nodules from the seafloor. RiserTec's involvement over the period of around 1 year so far has mainly been in the global analysis & fatigue analysis of the lifting system that will carry the nodules from the seafloor to surface, with its main component being a 4.5km riser. The nodules contain high grades of nickel, manganese, copper and cobalt - key metals required for building electric vehicle batteries and renewable energy technologies.

MWA Tether Padeye Replacement

RiserTec was involved with the engineering and design of a replacement MWA tether base padeye for a major north sea operator, and the operation of replacing this component in-situ within the riser system at several site locations. The original component had suffered from fatigue damage as predicted in an earlier assessment, requiring a new billet component to be designed and installed. Extensive analysis work was carried out in order to identify the optimum method of replacing this component, before designing and fabricating temporary tether point structures to use in the replacement operation.

RiserTec acquired by Oil States Industries

RiserTec has recently been acquired by Oil States Industries, a major global provider of integrated energy systems and solutions. OSI has the capability & expertise to enable customers to build and operate high-performance offshore facilities and offers a full range of solutions for the most demanding environments from project start to finish. Against this background, RiserTec will continue to operate as a fully independent division within OSI providing riser, mooring and pipeline system engineering and analysis services to both existing and new Clients. With leading-edge technologies and unsurpassed technical expertise, OSI can deliver reliable, cost-effective solutions to meet drilling, workover, production, lifting and mooring challenges & has a strong track record of supporting customer success for over 75 years. The addition of RiserTec to the group will greatly enhance OSI’s subsea engineering capabilities while at the same time providing RiserTec with significantly increased commercial backing plus access to OSI’s large procurement network.