Jonathan Jury

Senior Consultant

Educational Qualifications

BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering - Imperial College, London

MSc Ocean Engineering - University College, London


Key Experience

Over 35 years experience in the design and management of riser systems designs, pipeline and subsea systems, marine, structure and offshore facilities design. Experience includes:

  •  Design of large diameter (24-30in) SCR’s for 4500-6500ft water depths for GOM, W.Africa and North Sea using various host vessel designs including Spar’s, Semi’s and FPSO’s. Finite Element Analysis of Riser systems using ANSYS and ABAQUS
  •  Design and Installation Analysis of flexible Riser Systems for North Sea water depths. Design of subsea protection structures, PLEM, riser bases and mid-water buoy arches
  •  Detailed pipeline engineering including sizing, VIV stability, cathodic protection requirements and upheaval buckling mitigation. Detailed Pipeline FEA analysis for VIV FLS and ULS conditions
  •  Detailed design of current turbine support structure and fabrication and installation support, floating wind structures transport and installation and wind turbine component design
  •  Application of fracture mechanics to design of fatigue sensitive structures and umbilicals. Considerable experience in the fatigue analysis of structures and connections
  •  Structural design, including conceptual and detailed design of modules/decks and topsides up to 6500 tonnes. Jacket structures, detailed design, including lift/load-out transportation, launch, in-place and fatigue analysis for North Sea structures. Fabrication and erection of jacket and module structures, including jackets with heavy walled nodes, stressed-skin modules and helidecks

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